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  2. Cardassia and Andor by Una McCormack
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Historians Note. Chapter 1.

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About the Author. Dedication Acknowledgments. This story of Cardassian recovery from the horrors of the end of the Dominion War is the perfect story to continue the saga of Deep Space Nine.

Keiko gets a storyline of her own in The Lotus Flower. McCormack has a terrific handle on her characters. Miles O'Brien's terror and anger at the jeopardy that Keiko is in felt very real, as did Keiko's steely resolve in the face of the threats and crises she faces. She was often given the role of the "nagging" wife, with only occasional work done with her character to chart her own course apart from that of her husband, Miles. She gets her best storyline to date in this novel, in my opinion.

Cardassia and Andor by Una McCormack

In The Lotus Flower , she is not merely Miles' wife or Molly and Kirayoshi's mother, but a character in her own right. Also written extremely well was, of course, Garak. Everyone's favorite "tailor" is back in this story, and he is up to his usual standard of excellence.

She has a cool disposition which some find intimidating. Jast believes in expressing herself. Her cool, calm head is an asset when commanding the Defiant. Gul Macet: Commander of the Cardassian ship Trager.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Macet is a cousin of Gul Dukat and bears and unnerving resemblance to him. Lieutenant Ro Laren: Head of security.

A coup on Cardassia.

Ro has had a varied career. Having been pardoned for the crime of disobeying orders, Ro was picked for a covert mission for the Enterprise-D and later became a part of the crew.

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Now in the Bajoran Militia, stationed on DS9 she struggles to fit in. The Bajoran crew see her as Starfleet, and the Starfleet crew see her as a criminal. Treir: An Orion Dabo girl. Trier seems to have a sense for business that rivals Quarks.

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Ensign Prynn Tenmei: Conn Officer. Vaughn, who is years old, has had a long career. Vaughn has had many varied missions, including a mission with Captain John Harriman that saw the both of them sneaking about a Romulan ship. Yevir hopes to become the next Kai of Bajor. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the Not Panicking Ltd.

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