Manual Tourette Syndrome (Psychological Disorders)

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  1. Tourette Syndrome as an indicator of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Children with PDD

There are no specific tests used to diagnose TS.

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Our patients provide us with a range of extraordinary stories. Catch up with their their own accounts in which they describe how they battle the most complex illnesses.

Tourette’s Syndrome and Tic Disorders

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How is TS diagnosed?

Tourette Syndrome as an indicator of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Children with PDD

Be less than 18 years old. This is true as well for children who do not have PDD.

Special attention will be given to co-occurring stereotypies and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, which are often associated with PDD and have proved difficult to differentiate from motor and vocal tics. To better understand the relations between these disorders, we will also study the symptoms of other psychiatric syndromes as well as known risk factors for these disorders. Using state-of-the-art assessment methodology, we hope to develop a better understanding of the relation of ADHD and tic symptoms in children with PDD.

What is Tourette's Disorder - Mental Health Help with Kati Morton - Kati Morton

It is our belief that this research may help explain the causes of these disorders, which may ultimately lead to better treatment options for children with these disorders. Kenneth Gadow, Ph.