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  1. Lockheed C Starlifter Strategic Airlifter Transport Aircraft - United States
  2. C-141 Starlifter
  3. Engrave plate for planes like Junkers or P-11

Crew: 5 to 7 Length: Speed: mph kph; kts Ceiling: 41, feet 12, m; 7. The model reached flight for the first time on Mach 24th, After passing its requisite evaluation and acceptance phase, it resulted in A-models being converted to the CB standard. The B-model incorporated a new 23 foot section of fuselage as well as an in-flight refueling boom above and aft of the cockpit to extend its base range.

Lockheed C Starlifter Strategic Airlifter Transport Aircraft - United States

Conversions took place between and and initial groups were handed the type in late The airframe could now carry infantry, airborne personnel or patient litters though, by this time, the Vietnam War was over. Thirteen CB models were further converted for Special Forces service in by including advanced countermeasures systems, retractable FLIR pod and mission support equipment intended to allow for low-altitude, low-light level flying consistent with Special Forces missions.

Additional support staff could be carried based on mission type - for example those ferrying wounded, a medical support staff numbering at least five would be used. The airframe exhibited a running length of feet with a wingspan of feet and a height of 39 feet. Empty weight was ,lbs with a maximum take-off weight of ,lbs.

C-141 Starlifter

Maximum listed speed was miles per hour with a ferry range out to 6, miles. Combat range was approximately 3, miles. The aircraft could reach ceilings of 41, feet with a 2, feet per minute rate-of-climb.

As a transport, the CB was not armed in any way. The Lockheed C Starlifter is a strategic airlifter: a cargo aircraft specifically used to transport personnel or materials over long distances. This military aircraft has appeared in every US conflict from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

C-141 Starlifter

A lot like me, actually! This wonderful resource focuses on a single aircraft but with a wide remit, including personal recollections from pilots, historical documentation, newspaper articles and videos.

This is a wonderful report by Lt. Paul M. Hansen, who developed the historical synopsis as a flight safety initiative to familiarize current C crew members with the C mishap history. Paul Hansen has written fascinating briefing and I highly recommend reading the whole thing. Synopsis : The highly experienced crew was returning to base from a stateside airdrop mission.

During some horseplay, cigar ash was introduced into a crew oxygen hose. The resulting oxygen-fed fire ignited floor coverings and filled the cockpit with dense sooty smoke.

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After some difficulties, the crew was able to recover the aircraft with only minor injuries. Returning from Pope to Norton after an airdrop mission, the pilot in the left seat decided to light a cigar. The pilot, who was in the jumpseat, complained and donned his oxygen mask. Unfortunately, lit cigar ash accidentally entered the oxygen regulator hose before the hose was reconnected.

It ignited an oxygen-fed fire that spread to the flooring. To put out the fire, the left-seat pilot shut off the crew oxygen system. The crew started a descent but soon became hypoxic. The crew oxygen system was again turned on.

Engrave plate for planes like Junkers or P-11

The crew eventually extinguished the fire, reset the bleed valves, and recovered to the nearest military base. Members of the crew suffered only minor injuries but major embarrassment. In one incredibly touching blog post, Mike Novack tells how he managed to return the ID tags to the wife of a pilot who crashed in , after the Parks Service had failed to find the family.

The website is still being updated and is a fitting testament to an exceptional aircraft. The co-pilot felt flame in his mask and tore it off his face and dropped it on the floor. It ignited his kit bag under his seat filling the cockpit with dense smoke, so dense you could not see the instruments. The pilot punched the button for a squack and put the plane into an emergency dive to get to an altitude where they could breath without pressurization or the oxygen system. After the fire started the pilot motioned to the flight engineer to turn the oxygen off to contain the fire.

But once he did no one had oxygen to breath through their masks. He then motioned for the flight engineer to turn the oxygen back on. When he did an oxygen pressure regulator behind the pilots seat exploded sending shrapnel through out the cockpit. Once they got to a lower altitude they could continue without the oxygen system. Once they got the cockpit cleared of smoke they landed at an Air National Guard Base in the middle of Kansas.

The after math of the accident included the cigar jokester being kicked out of the Air Force and the first officer being demoted a full rank for failing to check the intercom during the preflight checklist the reason for the motioning signals. The payload was a number of C crews on their way home. Sylvia, Keep up the good work. And: In no way will I point the accusing finger at anyone so the following is a very, very general remark or if you like: observation. It is human nature to try and cover up if you made a serious mess. At least, if you think you can get away with it. And even Adam and Eve were trying to cover up.

Some think that the Bible is misinterpreted: they had no concept of covering their bodies.