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The Pirates seem like a franchise that needs a new vision
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Andrew McCutchen is a flat-out winner, a franchise-caliber player, and a fantastic guy to have in the clubhouse. Living a little over an hour outside of the Burgh, I spent a great deal of time watching the Pirates play, and Andrew McCutchen had this presence about him that no one else possessed in the entire stadium. Many would call it the "it" factor, but it was bigger than that. Cutch represented and was the face of the resurgence of Pittsburgh baseball.

Star Wars Clone Wars: Pirates... and Worse! (DK Readers: Level 1)

He brought his team back to the playoffs for the first time in 21 years while winning the National League's Most Valuable Player Award in , being the seventh Pirate to do so and the first since Barry Bonds in And for the front office to treat him the way that they did for the past two years or so is absolutely despicable and disgusting.

There's no wonder his numbers were down in and with all of the rumors and talk swirling around him. I blame his production or lack thereof solely on the front office. After what the Pirates did to Mr. Bonds in the early 's, I truly believed that they wouldn't do something as stupid as to trade away their cornerstone player in the prime of their career.

DK Readers: Star Wars: Pirates… And Worse! - Scholastic Shop

They not only traded their cornerstone player in the prime of his career, but they sold extremely low on him and received pennies instead of dollars. Let me clarify, I am in no way, shape, or form comparing Cutch to Bonds, but the impact on the team and its fanbase could very well be the same.

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McCutchen earned the right to be a Pirate for the entirety of his career, and management took that opportunity away from him. Congratulations, Neil Huntington, you have just turned Pittsburgh's fanbase entirely against you if you haven't already and traded away the best player you have been blessed with in over 20 years. To call this betrayal is an understatement, because this is treason.

It's no wonder why this team doesn't consistently win games year-after-year. Huntington pulls the "small-market team" card and does not pursue any worthwhile free agents in the offseason while dealing promising players that have or could have a tremendous impact on the franchise. With as much talent as they possessed, the Pirates could have very well been a perennial playoff contender from through , but the front office continued to hoard their money, thus providing fans with a mediocre team.

The McCutchen Era has ended in Pittsburgh, and it looks like more deals to disband the team could be on the way.

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Submit Search Magnifiying glass search icon. Freese was worth a length by himself 1. The veterans took a step back and the young corner infielders who were supposed to hit 20 home runs each might not even combine for Francisco Cervelli is in the midst of a renaissance season and Elias Diaz is enjoying a breakout campaign. Trevor Williams and Jameson Taillon have taken giant steps this year, and Joe Musgrove and Chris Archer are two guys just about everyone would want in their rotation.

Most of the pieces of a good team are in place. If the infield was worth as much WAR this year as it was last season, they would have about 8.

Pirates’ Bob Nutting rated MLB’s 4th-worst owner by FanGraphs

The Pirates could have still been in the playoff picture if they had those five or six extra wins. First, defense. The infield was one of the best defensive infields the Pirates had in that stretch. The group is one of the worst. They have cost their pitchers runs at every position. The defense has already dropped 53 DRS from last season.

If 10 runs equals a win, well, you can see where a good chunk in that drop in WAR has come from. Back to WAR.

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Over the last years, 18 Pirates teams fielded an infield that failed to combine for 4 fWAR. The Bucs have had two extended periods of losing in their history. The first is obvious: the 20 season losing streak. Seller Inventory B Book Description DK Children, Seller Inventory ZZN. Seller Inventory Book Description DK Children.

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