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Jurisdictional Differences in Contracting Out GBE Audits: The Impact on Audit Pricing
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Myers, K. Karlins M. Wheeler "The effects of generic cognitive feedback, decision-aid design, and task experience on the collection of initial audit evidence. Reck, J. Lowensohn, and R. Journal of Government and Nonprofit Accounting , Volume 4, issue 1, pp. The Accounting Review , 90 6. June The market's response to earnings surprises after first-tine going-concern modifications. Advances in Accounting , 31 1 , Pages Issues in Accounting Education 30 3 : Review of Business Information Systems , 19 1. New Accountant , Issue Audit committee financial expertise, corporate governance, and the voluntary switch from auditor-provided to non-auditor-provided tax services.

Advances in Accounting , 30 1 , Current Issues in Auditing , 8 2 , C1-C7.

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October Fraud schemes and detection in small organizations. Strategic Finance Magazine. Annaraud, K. Singh, and Lively, H. Assessing and analyzing internal control practices in the lodging industry.

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The importance of the COBIT framework IT processes for effective internal control over the reliability of financial reporting in organizations: An international survey. February Cart items. Toggle navigation. Emerald Publishing Limited, As New. Disclaimer:An apparently unread copy in perfect condition.

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Thirdly, it is important forsociety as it helps the public to trust the government. Poor Accounting and Auditing AA will have a negative impact on development outcomes. Itweakens efforts for success and currently many private accounting institutions have beenprevented access to basic public services which has had a direct impact on economic growth. It isnow broadly recognised that international aspects of accountancy based corruption can have asignificant impact on domestic governance and progress efforts Kasurinen, Ball and Pflugrath said the problem with poor Government Accounting practice is it doesnot assist the decision maker to make appropriate decisions, such as how to allocate resources andhandle revenue and expenditure.

Poor accounting and financial management reporting could leadto a financial crisis. The Iraqi government needs to make every effort to improve GAFMR andgood accounting practices that will result in comprehensive and dependable reporting of thepresentation of the current position by the government, as well as those that are audited. Improvingresponsibility and transparency are crucial to avoiding the problems highlighted by the sovereign Incomparable, strong and active accrual-basedfinancial reporting systems, for example those based on IPSASs , are essential to attractiveaccountability and transparency in government financial reporting.

Key drivers for improvement in Governmental AccountingThe Iraqi government has taken steps toward making improvements and challenging efficiencyand effectiveness of current accounting control mechanisms. Also thegovernment needs to work closely with Universities and scholars to encourage teaching in modernaccounting and keeping in touch with accounting bodies.

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Many accounting professors arestruggling to stay up to date with accounting reforms. Numerous universities in the country do nothave contacts with accounting professional bodies which is leading to a gap between accountingtheories, accounting practice, create human capacity and shortage of professional servingaccountants. Nevertheless there are high demands for accounting professionals from public and private sectors.

To ease the demand, the Iraqi government needs to encourage private accounting bodies to workclosely with universities on provide training for professional accounting qualifications. A majoradvantage of accounting bodies is that they will build capacity within the profession in Iraq, andin addition professional accounting bodies play a major role in tackling corruption and makingaccounting firms attractive amongst other bodies.

Improvement drivers contain government instructions, specialised associations, audit institutions,accounting bodies, scholars and universities. Those groups are key decision makers, they areprofessional, have expertise for any accounting change models and they have a crucial role for thereform, especially when it comes to debates and evaluating matters.

It is worth mentioning thatthe politicians are central key players to change any systems, generally associates of governmenthave the last word in any administrative reform. In respect of accounting change, the minister offinance holds the most important position to process the reform.

Another reason for adopting accounting change is due to financial crisis, economic downturn,budget deficit, high unemployment, corruption and government liability. For example when theThai government was hit with a financial crisis they adopted accounting change.

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Also someEuropean countries such as France and Finland changed their operation of model of accountingand financial reporting. The Iraqi public sector suffers from lack of value and qualityadministration information than the private sector. The producer of public sector information isprovided with important capacities of data and information, which can be untrustworthy and late. Frequently there are too many objectives and goals, concentrated on inputs rather than outcomesor impact. Decision support is therefore poor, making it challenging to sustain decision making Ross, Nevertheless the Iraqi government is encouraging foreign companies to invest in different fieldsand at present large numbers of foreign companies are operating in Iraq such as USA Exxon Mobil, In the meantime these companies can have an advantage in terms ofcorporation tax and can apply different accounting systems in areas where the Iraqi governmentdoes not have enough accountancy expertise.

Good government accounting is not only providingaccurate information, but it also helps in economic growth and provides assurance to foreigninvestors. Ross explained the issues of the public sectors of different countries are formed bynumerous features, but they have similar barriers to challenges. Those contests create public sectorperformance management more difficult compared to the private sector. Usually by the privatesector having an easy environment and effective development of best practice, assists companiesto take advantage of resources and it makes public sector administration more frustrating as theyare not able to use the same resources and benefit from them.

The theoretical model has support forchange in public sector accounting, it should link to the way private sector accounting systemsoperate, and the information should be accessible for users. Innes and Mitchell explainedthere are factors that might encourage change in public sector accounting and those factors can bethe internal and external demands on an individual resulting in them to act certainly to createchange. Nevertheless change can become a reality when actual and appropriate assistingcircumstances are available.

Improvement of accounting system can only happen by adoptingaccounting standards moving from traditional accounting to modern accounting systems, and arestructure of the accounting framework. In Iraq announced a number of reforms to public sector financial management and the keypurpose was to increase transparency, responsibility and accountability of the governmentalagencies. Nevertheless, it has been established that the reform initiatives have failed to achieve theobjectives of the improved transparencies and accountabilities as indicated by the public auditors.

The main reason for the failure is due to a lack of high level of governmental agencies withqualified auditors to recognise the improvement from adopted accounting changes.

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Up to the dateof this report, the Iraqi government has made little steps towards improving governmentaccounting, because the demand of providing quality accounting information is not on the table. There is demand for information from different government agencies, but the politician anddecision maker rarely use accounting information for decision making purposes. Nevertheless, the government should invest in human capacity, adopting good accounting systemsand train governmental accountant officers and promote stewardship reporting, which preventsexternal reporting by the government.

The Iraqi Accounting board should do everything they canto ensure government accounting officers are adequately trained and they should also update thefinancial system and link the government accounting system with International AccountingStandards, such as IFRS.

It also makesthe public trust the government and tackles corruption, of which the Iraqi government suffers fromextensively.

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There is a tendency towards improvement of corporate financial reporting throughspecial funding to train public accounting officers and hence produce higher standards ofperformance. This research finds the key to establishing whole governmental accounting is having financialstatements audited by reliable and reputable auditing firms such as Deloitte and Price WaterhouseCoopers.

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  6. The Iraqi Accounting Board has made significant progress in recent years in some areasand a number of reforms have been made. For example adopting IFRS and also encouragingUniversities to co-operate and teach modern accounting. Accounting and Finance Thesis, A.