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A ceremony allows a divine character to communicate with and give thanks to her source of power. Clerics and druids often perform rituals between adventures while the wizard studies her spellbook and the fighter sharpens his blades. An activ ward might repel evil creatures or it might allow a token bearer to shrug off the effects of a fireball. While many common wards have been streamlined into everyday spells such as arcane lock and glyph of warding , othes require extensive preparation and expensive components.

By holding a token forth, its bearer may discharge the ward's spells. Ward spells may be used by more than one person at a time, as long as each is holding a token. Visible wards appear as complex and colorful runes and icons painted on a wall, floor, or other feature of the target location. Ward tokens may be fashioned from stone, wood, metal, or whatever material appeals to the caster. Sword pommels are popular choices for guards protecting a warded gate. Tokens are covered in runes that bind them to their wards, but they do not reveal a particular ward's capabilities.

ISBN " Each society employs magic to achieve its ends, but not all of them do so in traditional ways. Magic doesn't have to be restricted to bearded wizards in secluded castles poring over hoary tomes.

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Magic can just as easily be diabolical martial artists wielding weapons forged from the very essences of evil outsiders or dragonspawn Mafiosi dealing in illicit drugs and artifacts. The Prime was carved out ofhte inchoate mists of the Ethereal at the beginning of time, as the gods changed what could be into what was. When cast, a magical spell creates waves in the ethereal, spreading out fro the caster to the point of impact. The spell then may alter the ether in the target area so that it manifests as a single reality, or briefly 'etherealize' the reality that is already present, causing it to flow into a different form.

Some spells call on planar energies from other sources. For example, summoning spells typically link to the astral plane. Other spells may contact the elemental planes, the plane of shadow, and so forth. However, the energy to power these spells is still drawn from the ethereal and a wave is still created there. Rather, the spell creates a body from ether for the soul of the outsider to inhabit.

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This is why outsiders slain while summoned to the Prime do not die permanently but are banished. They act of destroying the created body creates a disruptive resonance that prevents the creature from returning to another created body for a period of time typically a century.

The Most Powerful Magic- The D&D Wish Spell- Lets Talk Spell Casting & Magic in 5E D&D

Countermagic works by overlaying another, exactly opposite, wave over the wave created by the original spell. The two waves cancel each other out, leaving nothing behind. This is why counterspells must be identical to the spell they are countering. Dispel magic works by adapting itself to exactly counter the wave of the other spell -- however, the wizard casting the spell must be able to determine the exact nature of the spell being countered or the spell will fail.

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The wave pattern of the spell is suppressed but not damaged. The body created for outsiders who have been summoned has its pattern suppressed, but the standing wave will begin to function again as soon as the antimagic disruption passes by. This is because other planes are in a sense less 'real' than the Prime that is, after all, why it is the Prime.

These alternate planes represent incarnations of very specific aspects of reality, such as the elements, or particular moral and ethical structures. They exist as building blocks from which the reality of the Prime is constructed. In other words, they are halfway between the raw, unformed potentiality of the Ethereal and the manifest form that is the Prime, and the 'matter' of these planes is subject to direct magical manipulation. ISBN "Shamans believe that the world is alive and filled with spirits they can contact and bargain with for favors. These spirits vary greatly in power, from the spirit of a single stone or blade of grass to the great spirits of the earth, the sun, the moon, the sky, the seasons and other powerful forces in the world.

There are also the spirits of the shaman's ancestors. Occasionally shamans make or enchant metal items, usually jewelry and weapons, but such things tend to be rare among them. A shaman can release the spell from the fetish, as if he were casting it himself. A fetish can only be used once. Some common fetishes included beaded necklaces or bracelets, collections of feathers, bones, or carved sticks, often tied with a leather thong, animal skulls, bones, or other parts, small bags filled with herbs, crystals, or stones often painted or carved , and so forth.

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